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IDFB*E, Refrigerated Air Dryer, Standard Inlet Air Temperature for North America

IDF refrigerated air dryer series, in compliance with the Montreal Protocol Regulations, uses refrigerants R134a and R407C to prevent any damage to the earth's ozone layer. (Medium size series use R22). Series IDF can accommodate an inlet temperature of 40°C. Corrosion resistance is improved by using a stainless steel, plate type heat exchanger.

  • UL certified for use in North America
  • 60 Hz operation
  • Max. inlet air temperature: 120°F/49°C
  • Available in flow ratings up to 300 scfm/510m³/hr (ANR)(@37°F/3°C PDP)
  • Connections: NPT threads are standard; R/Rc adapters are available

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